Hello there...just a quick note from Ryan and I on Caramelo.  We will update the "Caramelo up-date" page every few days as internet access allows.  There is a link on that page to follow us for updates...otherwise just check on-line periodically.  Please expore the other links on the left (itinerary, scrap book, etc) and let us know if you have any comments or ideas.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our page.

Ryan and Kristina

Just a couple of Want-a-Be Sailors

Welcome to our trip journal. It’s about the day in the life of a couple want-a-be sailors. We are Kristina and Ryan, and yes, we are wan-a-bes'. The best way to do something really big is to tell everyone you know. This creates accountability. If you fail, your friends and family will think you are a romantic dreamer. But if you pull it off, you are who you set out to be.

This site is our way of telling everyone we know. Everything in life takes sacrifice. With the pass of every year we see the effects of our previous choices: education, house, children, careers, money, travel, retirement, each other. The tree that grows to old age is gnarled with pitfalls, wrong turns and unforeseen hazards. Walking hand-in-hand within all of this swirling chaos is success. Kristina and I have been lucky enough to lock hearts in the passing of life's chaos. With the strength of two we are bringing order and clarity to our lives. Through life endeavor's we intend to find out if we are who we think we are or just a couple of dreamers.